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Most Recent Results
U11 Hiscox
06-28 St. Davids 11U (0-0 0.0ov 6pt)
vs St. Georges CC 11U (0-0 0.0ov -3pt)
06-26 Prep. Stars 11U (74-0 0.0ov 0pt)
vs Baileys Bay 11U (78-0 0.0ov 6pt)
06-21 Baileys Bay 11U (61-0 15.0ov 0pt)
vs Cleveland County 11U (63-0 14.0ov 6pt)
U11 Hiscox
06-28 Western Stars 11U (0-0 0.0ov -3pt)
vs Warwick WCC 11U (0-0 0.0ov 6pt)
06-21 Flatts Victoria R.C. 11U (GREEN) (0-0 0.0ov 6pt)
vs Western Stars 11U (0-0 0.0ov -3pt)
U11 Hiscox
06-28 Somerset CC 11U (0-0 0.0ov 6pt)
vs PHC 11U (0-0 0.0ov -3pt)
06-21 Southampton Rangers 11U (0-0 0.0ov -3pt)
vs PHC 11U (0-0 0.0ov 6pt)
06-21 Willow Cuts 11U (66-4 15.0ov 6pt)
vs Somerset CC 11U (61-5 15.0ov 0pt)

Hiscox U11 League Home Page


The Hiscox 11&U League is our most popular leagues. In 2009 the league increased to twenty teams - our most popular league which includes two all-girl teams.


The BCB is extremely proud of the way in which the leagues have developed since its inception. The BCB have offered a variety of coaching courses and resources to assist the many volunteers with coaching. Not only have the numbers increased but the quality of players have improved, many of which feed into our national programs which have been the foundation of our development program. Many of our U19 National Team players played in our Youth League.


2010 U11 East v West All-Star Game Results


In the U11 East vs. West All-Star game, the East defeated the West by 82 runs. The final score was U11 East, 127 off 21 overs and U11 West, 46 off 29 overs. The Hiscox U11 League continues to the end of June with play-offs.


MVP: Aaron Nelson 4-4 (Saltus)

Play of the Game: Zion Smith for a tremendous running catch ( Cleveland County CC)


2010 U11 League Results


First: Harrington Sound School

Second: Cleveland County CC

Third: Somerset CC


Hiscox U11 Schedule



Please click for Schedule



Hiscox U11 Celebrity Cricket Festival


To celebrate Bermuda's 400th Anniversary and Youth Cricket, the BCB joined forces with Hiscox Insurance Company (Bermuda) Limited to hold the 2009 Hiscox 11&U Celebrity Cricket Festival. Throughout the day the BCB and Hiscox employees raised money for the Sunshine League Children's Home.

The festival took place at the National Stadium and comprised of two games - Celebrities vs. 11&U All Star Game and then an U11 East vs. West All Star Game. It was a game that featured 15 celebrities, with the likes of the Governor of Bermuda, the Minister of Sports, the US Ambassador, local radio and TV celebrities, the National Coach and players, and watched by an enthusiastic crowd approaching 1,000 people. To make it fair the National Players had to bat and bowl with their non-dominant hand.  The U11 All-Stars defeated a Celebrity Adult team by 37 runs. During the day Hiscox provided free children's entertainment, face painting, tattooing, bouncy castle and slide making it a real family event. Free BBQ lunch and a t-shirt was provided to the first 500 people who picked up their tickets early.


The BCB and Hiscox are pleased to announce that due to the popularity of the Festival it will be held again on June 12, 2010 - stay tuned for details.

2013 Points Table

U11 Hiscox
# Team GP W L RO P
Baileys Bay 11U 8 6 2 0 36
St. Davids 11U 8 6 2 0 36
Cleveland County 11U 5 3 2 0 18
Prep. Stars 11U 7 2 5 0 12
St. Georges CC 11U 5 1 4 0 3
Wolves 11U Team 3 0 3 0 -3

U11 Hiscox
# Team GP W L RO P
Flatts Victoria R.C. 11U (GREEN) 5 3 2 0 18
Western Stars 11U 6 3 3 0 12
Warwick WCC 11U 5 2 3 0 3
Devonshire Rec. 11U 0 0 0 0 0
BYE (no game) 0 0 0 0 0

U11 Hiscox
# Team GP W L RO P
Willow Cuts 11U 6 5 1 0 30
Somerset CC 11U 7 4 3 0 24
PHC 11U 6 4 2 0 21
Southampton Rangers 11U 7 0 7 0 -18