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Pee Wee "Have-A-Go" Cricket


The FREE Pee Wee "Have-a-Go" Cricket Programme, supported by Ironshore and Western Counties, started in 2007 with the main aim of introducing cricket to 5-7 year olds to smooth the transition to the BCB U8 League. It provides children with an enjoyable and safe learning environment where they can build their confidence develop new skills and play games.


"Pee Wee Have a Go" teaches a child the most important lesson of all which is to LOVE THE GAME. Once a child learns to love the game of cricket they will be a cricketer for life and will experience all the benefits the game provides: Healthy lifestyle, Team work, Respect, Sportsmanship, Leadership, Confidence, Grace in victory, Fun and excitement, Self Esteem,

Lifelong friendships, Dignity in defeat and Skill improvement.


Players are coached by internationally qualified Level I and Level II coaches. In addition, both U19 and Senior National Players volunteer their time to coach and mentor the young players.  The main purpose of our Pee Wee workshop is to teach the basic skills of cricket whilst focusing on participation, team spirit and to provide opportunities for all our children to have fun, play with their friends and make new friends in a safe environment.


Age Range:


5-7 years


Skill Descriptors:


- Basic skill development - batting, bowling, stopping, throwing, catching

- Play activities and games

- Encourage Fair Play

- Play with modified, safe, plastic equipment




- To provide a stimulating environment that allows basic cricket skills to be taught

- To emphasize fun & participation

- To create an awareness & interest in the game of cricket

- To get parents & teachers actively involved in the game of cricket

- To provide the positive first step in a child?s long term participation and involvement in cricket




- To provide participants with opportunities:

- To have fun and enjoyment

- To participate in a variety of play activities and minor games

- To have a "fair go"

- To learn some new basic cricket skills

- To make friends



2011 Pee Wee Photos



2010 Pee Wee Photos