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Bowl Off Rules (extract from BCB 2 day cricket playing conditions)



1.     A full set of stumps, including bails, will be pitched at both ends of the designated pitch, but the bowlers will all bowl from the same end. The umpires will decide which end to bowl from.


2.     The captains shall nominate their five bowlers and the order of bowling, to each other and the umpires prior to the toss. In the event of injury during the bowl out, the injured player may be replaced by another bowler.


3.     The captains shall toss a coin for the right to decide which team bowls first in the bowl out.


4.     The wicket keeper will not be permitted to stand up to the stumps.


5.     The bowl out shall be conducted in the same manner as a penalty shootout.


6.     Deliveries will be bowled alternatively, one from each team, following the order of bowling as given before.  A dislodged bail will constitute a hit.


7.     After the first set of 5 deliveries, if still equal, a second complete set will commence, and so on until a winner is achieved.


8.     No bowler will be allowed a practice delivery.


9.     The umpires will stand in their normal positions and will be responsible for officially recording the number of hits on the wicket. Their decision shall be final as to the result.


10. The umpires will be responsible for making sure only the nominated bowlers actually bowl.


11. Only the 5 nominated bowlers and the wicket keeper shall be allowed on the field of play. All other players not involved in the bowl out shall be beyond the boundary.


12. If a bowl out is not possible as deemed by the Umpires in consultation with the BCB, the result will be determined by the toss of a coin.