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BCB Strategic Goals


1 To qualify for the 2013 World Cup Qualifier by finishing in the top 4 at WCL 2 in 2011   

   Foster elite performances through construction of high performance program featuring regular competitive cricket
   Attract, recruit, retain and improve coaching and support staff
   Expand the pool of potential elite cricketers through an outstanding U19 and junior program
   Provide opportunities for promising elite athletes to develop their skills


2 To expand participation and enjopyment of the sport in Bermuda  

   Provide opportunities and forums to promote and develop women's cricket
   Cricket Committee to continually review, update and enhance domestic cricket
   Development Committee to continually review, update and improve youth, womens and educational processes
   Provide safe, enjoyable and effective opportunities for youth cricketers to thrive at the international and recreational level
   To promote international standards and playing conditions at senior domestic level


3 To continue to be recognised as an international model of best practice among the Associate Members of the ICC  

   Ensure operational excellence, ethical behaviour and unity and shared purpose throughout the organization
   Maitain certification from an internationally recognised organization of best practice in charity management.
   Attract and retain high calibre skilled staff to drive operational excellence


4 To grow reserves and maintain long-term funding  

   Maintain excellence in reporting and accountability to major stakeholders to retain current revenue streams
   Update strategic plan and produce consistent message and BCB branding
   To produce a marketing and media plan to promote BCB programs
   To broaden the revenue base of sponsor support for BCB programs
   To develop a systematic quarterly reporting system on key performance indicators


5 To update and implement a rolling 3 year National Development Plan     

   To raise the overall playing standards of performance throughout the Island.
   To implement the training and coaching philosophy of the National Coach in the junior ranks.
   To increase participation and enjoyment of the game at recreational and competitive levels.
   To implement a comprehensive schools cricket program.
   To improve islandwide infrastructure and facilities for cricket and cricket practice.
   To increase awareness and training opportunities for teachers, club coaches, scorere, umpires and other related support staff and volunteers.
   To maintain compliance with ICC guidelines
   To improve the scorecard rating from ICC measures