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 This organisation shall be called "THE BERMUDA CRICKET BOARD" hereinafter called "The Organisation".
 "Strength, Honour, Fair Play"   :   "Robur, Fides, Justus"


The objects of the Organisation shall be:


? To govern, control, promote and develop the playing of the game of cricket in the Islands of Bermuda.
? To formulate laws and rules governing the playing of all cricket in Bermuda, which laws and rules shall be in accordance with those promulgated by the Marylebone Cricket Club (M.C.C) and, as appropriate, by the International Cricket Council (I.C.C.) and which laws and rules shall be binding upon all organisations holding membership on the Board and upon any visiting team playing cricket in Bermuda under the sanction of the Board.


? To encourage an approach to the playing of cricket in Bermuda that will reflect the cultural traditions and the spirit of the game with particular reference to sportsmanship and conduct.
? To participate in national and international cricket matches, at appropriate playing levels, at home and abroad.
? To seek affiliation with or recognition from similar cricket controlling bodies throughout the world.


? To sanction all cricket competitions organised in Bermuda and to consider applications for sanction from teams traveling abroad as well as from teams visiting Bermuda for the purpose of playing cricket.


? To enact Bye-laws and policies to properly carry out the objects of the Organisation as set out above.



The Organisation shall be governed by a Board of Directors, hereinafter called "The Board".

The Board shall be empowered:


a. To amend the rules governing the playing of cricket in Bermuda.
b. To appoint or elect such Standing and Working Committees as it may deem necessary to effectively attain the objects of the Organisation.


c. To employ an Executive Director (the "Executive Director") and such other employees as it deems necessary to attain the objects of the Organisation.
d. To sanction/not sanction cricket tours to or from Bermuda.
e. To collect such annual subscriptions and competition fees as may be required under the Bye-Laws.
f. To be the final arbiter of any dispute arising out of any cricket match played in Bermuda and, if necessary, to deal with any matter which affects cricket in Bermuda in any way, which may not be provided for in the Constitution or the Bye-laws.



The use of the masculine pronoun within this document is for clerical purposes only, and it is further understood that the masculine pronoun includes the feminine pronoun as well.



The membership of the Board shall include:




Individual Recognised Cricket Clubs (hereinafter referred to as the "Clubs") will each have one representative and one alternate who are elected by their Club to participate in Board processes ("Club Official").

Recognised shall mean that all fees and monies owing to the Board have been paid.




An Executive Committee comprised of seven (7) individuals duly elected by the Board based on their relevant skills and experience to oversee and execute the objectives of the Board and governance of the Organisation together with three (3) club representatives (the "Club Representatives") duly elected by the Club Officials.

(Together hereinafter referred to as the "Members of the Board")




 The Executive Director of the Bermuda Cricket Board
One (1) representative duly elected by the Umpires Association
The Life Presidents and Life Vice Presidents

(hereinafter referred to as the "Non-Voting Members of the Board")



The Board, which shall comprise of representatives elected from the recognized Clubs along with those Executive Committee representatives elected by the Board in accordance with these bye-laws, shall be responsible for all the oversight of all operational activities necessary to effectively administer the game of cricket in Bermuda.


The Executive Committee shall be responsible for the hiring and oversight of the Executive Director who shall be responsible for the day-to-day administration and the general management of the property, funds and affairs of the Organisation.  Such responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to, the commercial activity required to attain the Organisation's objects, the solicitation of financial support, expenditure of funds within the Board's approved budget and the appointment, termination and the remuneration of the employees of the Organisation.

The Executive Committee Officers of the Board shall be the:


a. President
b. 1st Vice-President
c. 2nd Vice-President
d. Secretary
e. Treasurer
f. Assistant Treasurer/Secretary
g. Fund Development Chair
h. Clubs Representatives (3) (elected by the Club Officials at the Annual General Meeting).


All Executive Committee Officers of the Board shall serve without remuneration. Executive Committee Officers may receive a meeting stipend for attendance at monthly Executive Committee meetings to defray the cost of attendance. The stipend shall be no more than that paid by Government for attendance at Government sponsored Board meetings. Such amount shall be included in the annual budget approved by the Board.


If a Club Official is elected to a position on the Executive Committee, other than as a Club Representative, their Club shall elect a new representative to the Board to act as Club Official.

The duties of the Executive Committee Officers, and the manner of their election or appointment, shall be as detailed in the Bye-laws.





Meetings of the Executive Committee shall be on a monthly basis. Special Meetings of the Executive Committee may be called by the President or on the written request of not less than three (3) Executive Committee Officers - the date, time, venue and purpose/agenda to be clearly stated in the request.


Meetings of the Board shall be held at least twice a year and shall, at a minimum, consist of the Annual General Meeting plus one (1) further meeting. Additional meetings may be called by the President.


Subject to 12. below Notice of all meetings of the Board shall be given to all Members of the Board individually either by mail or by electronic means not less than five (5) working days before such meeting is scheduled to be held. The Notice shall be inclusive of the day on which it is served or deemed to be served and of the day for which it is given, Notice of any regular meeting may be waived by the agreement of a majority of the Members of the Board and approved by the President.

The notice period for The Annual General Meeting of the Board shall be two weeks. Notice of such meeting shall be given in writing to all Members of the Board or may be placed in a newspaper published in Bermuda at least five (5) working days prior to the date of such meeting.


A Special meeting of the Board may be called by a resolution of the Board or by the written request of at least five (5) Board Members of the Board.

10.   BYE-LAWS


The Board may, from time to time, adopt and amend Bye-laws for the efficient management of its affairs, such adoption and amendment to be subject to approval of a simple majority of the Members of the Board present at a properly noticed Board Meeting with notice of such change having been clearly stated on the agenda.

 Any amendment or addition to this Constitution shall require an initial recommendation from the Board and the subsequent approval of not less than two-thirds of the Members of the Board present at a properly noticed Board Meeting of the Board with notice of such change having been clearly stated on the agenda.


Any notice of a meeting of the Board shall be deemed to be duly given to a Member of the Board if it is sent to him by fax, e-mail or other mode of representing or reproducing words in legible and non-transitory form at his address as appearing in the register of Member of the Board (the "Register").  The Secretary shall maintain the Register but it is the sole responsibility of each individual member to notify the Secretary of any changes or updates to the Register.  Any notice given in accordance with this paragraph shall be deemed to have been served twenty-four hours after its dispatch. 



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