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2011 Elite Player League


The BCB is pleased to announce the launch of the Elite Player League (EPL) in the 2011 season. The series will run throughout the first half of the 2011 season and will add another tier to Bermuda Cricket.


The EPL will be seen as an opportunity for the "best of the best" to perform against each other on a regular basis under ICC tournament rules and conditions. The aim of the EPL is to improve player performances about to embark on the T20 World Cup Qualifiers international program and will be used as a talent identification process for the National squads. The EPL will also be viewed as an opportunity for the development of coaches, umpires and scorers in their endeavours to improve their performance and gain higher honours.


Elite Player League Structure


  • - The EPL is gearing to play at the National Sports Centre and Bailey's Bay Cricket Grounds in the initial stages under international conditions and ICC regulations. However, each club will be given the opportunity to host matches depending on the availability and conditions of their grounds.

- Each team will play 6 Twenty20 games

- The EPL will culminate with an All-Star finale under lights on July 1st


- There will be points for win, no result and bonus points. The two teams with the most number of points at the end of the rounds will be declared the winner. If more than two teams finish on the same points net run rate will determine the winner.

- The competition will be played between May 7th and July 1st in the lead up to Bermuda?s participation in the ICC T20 CWC qualifier.


Elite Player League Schedule


Sat 7 May - 10am-1pm & 2pm-5pm

Sun 8 May 10am-1pm & 2pm-5pm

Sat 21 May 10am-1pm & 2pm-5pm

Sat 28 May 10am-1pm & 2pm-5pm

Sat 11 June 10am-1pm & 2pm-5pm

Sat 25 June 5pm-9pm

Sun 26 June 10am-1pm & 2pm-5pm

Friday 1 July 5pm-9pm


*Please note that games will not conflict with other Domestic League games


Elite Player League Players


The BCB is pleased to announce that the following players have been selected to compete in the 2011 Elite Players League. Player selection has been based on their performance in the 2010 domestic cricket season and on their eligibility for national team selection.

ALL Players listed are asked to contact Samantha Robinson on 292 8958 or email: to inform her of their availability to play in the Series by THURSDAY 21 April 5pm at the latest! The BCB would be extremely grateful if clubs would assist in contacting their players to inform them of their invitation to play in this elite series and providing them with the schedule and registration information above.

*Please note that players are listed by their club as of 31 March, 2011


Terryn Fray (Bailey's Bay CC)
Tre Govia (Bailey's Bay CC)
Kyle Hodsoll (Bailey's Bay CC)
Dennico Hollis (Bailey's Bay CC)
David Lovell (Bailey's Bay CC)
Irving Romaine (Bailey's Bay CC)
Burton Outerbridge (Bailey's Bay CC)
Stephen Outerbridge (Bailey's Bay CC)
Lateef Trott (Bailey's Bay CC)
Jim West (Bailey's Bay CC)


Damali Bell (Cleveland CCC)
Allan Douglas Jr (Cleveland CCC) 
Mackih McGowan (Cleveland CCC)
Dennis Musson Jr (Cleveland CCC)
William White (Cleveland CCC)
Makai Young (Cleveland CCC)


Derek Brangman (Devonshire Recreation Club)
Stephen Bremar Jr (Devonshire Recreation Club)
Chris Foggo    (Devonshire Recreation Club)
David Beddard (Flatts VRC)
Regino Smith (Flatts VRC)


Jason Anderson (PHC)
Fiqre Crockwell (PHC)
Kamau Leverock (PHC)
Dean Stephens (PHC)
Kevin Tucker (PHC)


Jaloni Auboy (Southampton Rangers SC)
Staphen Dill (Southampton Rangers SC)
Dwayne Leverock (Southampton Rangers SC) 
Shannon Rayner (Southampton Rangers SC)
Dion Stovell (Southampton Rangers SC)
Janeiro Tucker (Southampton Rangers SC)


Delyone Borden (St. David's CCC)
Lionel Cann (St. David's CCC)
Stefan Kelly (St. David's CCC)
Loren Marshall (St. David's CCC)
Justin Pitcher (St. David's CCC)
OJ Pitcher (St. David's CCC)
Shea Pitcher (St. David's CCC)
Samuel Robinson (St. David's CCC)

 Oronde Bascombe (St.Georges CC)
Christian Burgess (St.Georges CC)
Mishael Paynter (St.Georges CC)
Rudell Pitcher (St.Georges CC)
Detroy Smith (St.Georges CC)
Ryan Steede (St.Georges CC)


Joshua Commissiong (Somerset CC)
Jordan DeSilva (Somerset CC)
Kamel Easton (Somerset CC)
Joshua Gilbert (Somerset CC)
Ricky Hoyte (Somerset CC)
Kwasi James (Somerset CC)
Marcus Johnson (Somerset CC)
Reid Jones (Somerset CC)
Shaquille Jones (Somerset CC)
Greg Maybury (Somerset CC)
Azeem Pitcher (Somerset CC)


Khiry Furbert (Western Stars SC)
Brian Hall (Western Stars SC) 
Kevin Hurdle (Western Stars SC)
McLaren Lowe (Western Stars SC)
Tre Manders (Western Stars SC)
Justin Robinson (Western Stars SC)


Deunte Darrell (Willow Cuts CC)
Chris Douglas (Willow Cuts CC)
Kevon Fubler (Willow Cuts CC)
Malachi Jones (Willow Cuts CC)
Chris Kawaley (Willow Cuts CC)
Ramar Simmons (Willow Cuts CC)


Rodney Trott (YMSC)


National Coach, David Moore stated,


"It was clearly evident that in the 2010 "All-Star" tournament that the quality of cricket was higher than is seen in both domestic leagues. The competition between bat and ball, the focus of the players and the larger ground with better quality outfield all led to a far greater standard of game. This consistently higher quality game will assist in the development of higher quality cricketers with greater game sense that will be more effectively transferred to International cricket. I look forward to watching the players develop in a longer league version in 2011. On a different note, I would also like to remind players to please contact the BCB as soon as possible to register their availability."


Mr. Allen Richardson, 1st Vice President stated,


"On behalf of the President of the BCB, I am extremely pleased to note the growth of this initiative from the trial "All-Star" Series in 2010 to the full integration of the Elite Players League into the 2011 domestic season. The BCB believes firmly that the performances of the top cricketing nations are dependant on the quality of their domestic programs. For Bermuda to continuously improve its position in world cricket it must provide player pathways which provide the highest level of cricketing standards and the Board fully supports Coach Moore's initiative to provide these opportunities for our players to improve. In conclusion, I would like congratulate the players who have been invited to play and to thank the clubs for assisting us in the registration process."