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BCB Corrects Misleading Published Reports and Congratulates the U15 team for their Performance


The BCB wishes to correct some misleading and untrue reported statements in relation to the recent National U15 participation in ICC Americas Division 1. The BCB has had a full debrief on this specific matter from all 3 members of tour management in addition to communication from tournament organizers.


The reported statements claim that the Bermuda players were guilty of bad behaviour and numerous breaches of Code of Conduct during the matches in Canada.


Both tour management and ICC officials have confirmed that there was no behaviour on tour that warranted any negative umpire?s report and the majority of so-called incidents are blatantly untrue.


Some of the examples of this include:

- Claim that Bermuda bowler deliberately bowled a high-full toss is untrue
- Claim that Bermuda wicketkeeper deliberately gave a shoulder barge to a Canadian player is untrue
- Claim that a Bermuda fielder displayed excessive taunting directed the Canadian bench after taking a catch is untrue
- Claim that all 11 members of the Bermuda team went to the boundary edge to surround and sledge the new batsman is untrue.


Reginald Pearman, President stated, "I would like to commend the U15 team for their performance against tough competition and their tenacity to pull back after a slow start to finish joint first with USA and Canada. This is a highly competitive and talented division to beat and our players performed admirably. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Bank of Bermuda Foundation for their continued support of this deserving programme."

David Moore, National Coach stated, "It is clear to me that the BCB Youth Structure and National Academy program is producing quality cricketers capable of performing at the International level. I would like to congratulate the players on their individual and team performances. It is encouraging to see the fight and commitment that the team showed after being two games down and coming back to win the final two matches and even it up at two wins a piece with Canada and the USA."