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BCB Corrects Misleading Article


The 3 top officials at the Bermuda Cricket Board unanimously condemn the misleading article published in the RG on April 27, 2011.


Reginald Pearman, President, Allen Richardson, 1st Vice-President and Lloyd Fray, 2nd Vice-President are completely appalled by the content of the article, which was titled "BCB debate pair's future".


Reg Pearman noted: "The article makes a number of insinuations and claims regarding BCB matters that are patently untrue and very disappointing. Having to read this mischievous and irresponsible nonsense is very frustrating. It is quite clear to everybody that Bermuda as a country is working through a difficult period and the impact on sporting bodies has been significant. Nevertheless to read reports of supposedly secret meetings and to have claims made that the key employee positions of Chief Executive and National Coach are under threat is overwhelmingly frustrating as it is all complete rubbish. Neil and David are outstanding employees and are crucial resources in a small organization and their work is universally recognized by the Executive as world class. To insinuate otherwise is patently misleading."


Lloyd Fray, who was Chairman of the recruitment committee that conducted the hiring process of David Moore added: "The BCB Executive has a clearly documented strategy which is regularly reviewed. The BCB has been outstandingly successful in the past 8 years and has repeatedly and deservedly, won international honours for the quality of its development programs, its governance and management and its operational effectiveness. As in any well-run organization financial matters are regularly reviewed and decisions may be taken on strategic and operational issues. With the current economic climate the BCB will continue to look for new revenue streams in addition to reviewing its operations and programs offered to the community."


"I can categorically refute any ridiculous speculation about the future of both David and Neil as complete nonsense. The BCB is fortunate to have such talented, hard-working, dedicated and effective personnel and at no time have their positions ever remotely been under threat. Their efforts are critical to the future of the organization. It is more than bizarre to me that anyone might try to suggest otherwise. Both gentlemen are internationally recognized as being world class in their respective fields and we are fortunate to have them, particularly when times are tough."


1st Vice-President, Allen Richardson weighed in: "I was totally appalled at the article and I immediately called the reporter to question why he would write such complete hogwash. David Moore has already proven that he has the ability not only to provide world-class coaching to our national teams but to also continue to improve and enhance our internationally lauded development program and systems. The country needs constructive avenues for our young people to enjoy and I am happy to see that cricket continues to be a sport that has participation from the 4 year-old right up to the 60+ year old veteran cricketers, coaches, umpires, scorers and other officials."


"I am particularly dismayed at his so called sources questioning Neil's effectiveness and future when he has not only led the organization through an outstanding period, completely professionalizing and reshaping the model of sports governance and management in cricket but his international recognition is completely unprecedented. In 2008, the 95 Associate and Affiliate countries elected him to the ICC Executive Board, the highest level of governance in world cricket, a feat never accomplished by anyone in the Americas region. To my knowledge he is also the youngest ever Director of the ICC."


"Furthermore, I had the privilege last year to be at the ICC Annual Conference where Neil was voted in as the Chairman of all Associate and Affiliate countries, bestowing upon him the most influential position and greatest responsibility in world cricket outside the Test nations. The work of the Bermuda Cricket Board is revered and respected from Papua New Guinea to Japan to Botswana and Ireland and beyond."


"It is critical to the successful future of the BCB that the Executive are able to retain the quality of individuals like Neil and David, especially in rough economic times."