Hiscox 11&Under League


The Hiscox 11&Under (11&U) Youth League provides a valuable community program, which keeps young boys and girls involved in a sport they love and on the right path to a successful future. The league provides young players with an introduction to the basic cricket skills, the ‘spirit of cricket’ and teamwork. The practices, match regulations and structure are based around maximum participation and an equal opportunity for all participants.


The U11 League is well structured and fun. Speed, power and endurance, as well as the specific cricket skills are developed through playing games. Players enjoy attending the practice sessions and matches and are given the opportunity to be and feel productive at all times. Modified rules and regulations as well as equipment is used to allow the players to learn the skills in an enjoyable and non threatening environment.


U11 League Goals

Provide access for all to participate.

Provide opportunities for skill development, knowledge of the game, challenge, the joy of achieving and development of the spirit of cricket.

Provide equal opportunities for all young people to participate in practice and training.

Provide a safe, enjoyable, non-threatening positive environment to enhance their cricket and social skills.

To provide peer leadership and coach education to all instructors.


2013 U11 League Results


The BCB is pleased to confirm that East won the Hiscox 11&Under All Star Game on Saturday 29 June at the National Sports Center.


East 93 runs with 1 wickets


West 65 runs with 4 wickets


MVP was Iyuan Smith of Bailey's Bay with 15 runs, 15 balls, 1-7 runs


Play of the Game was Shea Hassell of Willow Cuts for a brilliant run-out


What parents said about the Hiscox 11&Under League


  • Great coaching, great parent involvement, great price, nice length of season for that time of year, great opportunity for boys to meet children from other schools and great location for games!
  • My son loved the practices and learning new skills. He thought the coaches were excellent!
  • My son loved to play with the older boys, he learned a lot!
  • The opportunity to play and participate with a team.
  • The competitive matches and my child’s exposure to the sport.
Hiscox 11&Under Photo Gallery

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