Bermudian Umpires to officiate at ICC Americas Division 2
21 Nov 2014

Umpire's Roger Dill and Steven Douglas to Umpire at ICC Americas Division 2 Tournament 


The BCB is very proud to once again be able to recognize the international opportunities being offered to BCUA officials.


Next week the ICC will be hosting the Regional Men’s ICC Division 2 Competition in Florida and two BCUA stalwarts have been invited to play key roles. Once again Roger Dill will be performing Tournament Referee role and will be the leading official of the competition. Steven Douglas, a veteran of many regional and world cricket league tournaments, will be also at the tournament as one of the official umpires.


The ICC Americas Division 2 Tournament is to be played between Argentina, Bahamas, Cayman Island and Suriname. The winner will advance to the ICC Americas Division 1 Championship to be held in 2015. The winner will also qualify for the World Cricket League Division 6 joining Cayman Islands who already compete in this division.


Lloyd Fray, President of the BCB said, “I am pleased that the quality of our local officials is being recognized on the world stage once again. Roger Dill and Steven Douglas have consistently proven to be outstanding officials and I expect that their participation in this tournament will only enhance their reputation and that of Bermuda. I trust that the pathway to the international arena for our BCUA representatives provides motivation and aspirational support to our local officials.”

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