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Hiscox 11&U Modified Cricket Sets


The BCB is pleased to announce that the Hiscox 11&U, Modified Cricket Sets have arrived for the start of the 2008 Youth Season.

Each set comes with three pairs of pads, three cricket bats, three pairs of batting gloves, a pair of stumps, 6 balls, wicket keeping gloves and batting cones. 


The BCB's Youth League teaches the basic skills of cricket whilst focusing on participation, team spirit and to provide opportunities for all our children to have fun play with their friends in a fun and nurturing environment.


Mr. Arnold Manders, Cricket Development Director stated,


"The introduction of the new inter-cricket gear will provide children with the opportunity to enjoy the fun and exciting game of cricket whilst meeting the objectives of the real game. It will provide coaches and players a great way to develop cricket skills. It uses proper cricketing equipment such as pads and gloves so children can get used to the feel of them. However, the ball is still quite soft so there is little danger of injury. Our aim in using it is to hasten the progress of our youngsters to the standard game. I would also like to thank Hiscox for sponsoring the 11&U League, enabling us to purchase the gear for the youth to play with."


Robin Mehta, Hiscox CFO quoted, "Hiscox is pleased to continue with its support of the Bermuda Youth Cricket League.  We believe in supporting the youth of Bermuda through this association that encourages both endeavor and team work."


For more details, the rules and the schedule please visit our home page or contact the BCB on 292 8958.


West End Player Preparing to Bat!

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