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April  2008


Youth Leagues Commencement


The BCB is pleased to announce that the 2008 Youth Cricket Leagues kicks off on April 23, 2008 and the schedule is posted on the home page. The Leagues encompass the 8&U, the Hiscox 11&U, the Bermuda Security Group 14&U and the BF&M 17&U Leagues. The Leagues finish on June 28 with the All-Star game to be held at the National Stadium.

This year our programme has grown to include an 8&Under League which has proven to be extremely popular from the get-go. The main purpose of this league is to teach the basic skills of cricket whilst focusing on participation, team spirit and to provide opportunities for all our children to have fun, play with their friends and make new friends. The 8&U's will play on Saturdays at the National Stadium from 9.30am-12.00pm.

The age groups have been adjusted to fit in with the school system and each league has increased by a year to include the following ages: 8&U, 11&U, 14&U and 17&U (age as of 1 September). The emphasis of the Leagues remains on full participation and to be fun, inclusive and safe. For example in the 11&U League the batsman has a time and score restriction of 30 runs or 30 minutes to ensure full rotation of the team, each team member must bowl at least one over, and a batsman cannot be bowled out on the first ball. Games are also restricted to 20 overs with only 6 balls per over, but with special compensation for wides and no-balls, in order to ensure a faster flowing game. A soft ball is also used instead of the harder ball. Both the 11&Us and 14&Us will use a shorter wicket and will play only 20 overs whereas the 17&Us will play 30 overs.

The Leagues will commence with the 11&Us competing on 23 April who will play every Wednesday between 5:15 and 7:30pm. The 11&Us will play in 2 zones - East and West.  The 14&Us will commence on the 25 April and will play every Friday between 5:30 and 8:00pm in two zones - East and West. The 17&Us will commence on the 26 April and will play every Saturday from 10:00am until 3:00pm and they are playing in one League. 


This year we have a significant increase in the number of teams with 16 in the 11&U League, 13 in the 14&U League and 10 in the 17&U League.  Our 8&U League is kicking off with a total of 10 teams.


Mr. Reginald Pearman, President stated, "I am particularly pleased to see how our Youth Leagues are growing. It is great that we have been able to start the 8&U League to give the little ones a chance to play and learn the game of cricket. Our youth leagues have a major emphasis on creating a safe and nurturing environment in which both boys and girls can play cricket whilst having fun. I would like to take this time to thank the many volunteer coaches from the schools and clubs who spend much of their time training and coaching their teams. In addition, I would like to thank the sponsors, Hiscox Insurance Company, the Bermuda Security Group and BF&M who continue to fund this worthy programme."


Hiscox 11&U League


Robin Mehta, Hiscox CFO quoted, "Hiscox is pleased to continue with its support of the Bermuda Youth Cricket League.  We believe in supporting the youth of Bermuda through this association that encourages both endeavor and team work."


Bermuda Security Group 14&U League


"We are proud to sponsor Youth cricket once again this year and appreciate the BCB's commitment to helping our young people thrive in a fun, safe and healthy environment." said Herman Tucker, C.E.O. of Bermuda Security Group. "The BCB continues to provide a platform for Bermuda's youth to participate in a competitive format while learning sportsmanship, dedication and helping to develop pride for their team, community and country.  We look forward to having another successful season this year."


BF&M 17&U League


"BF&M is pleased to continue its support of cricket in Bermuda by sponsoring the Bermuda Cricket Board's Under 17 League," said BF&M President and CEO John Wight. "This league gives our young people a chance to become physically active by playing a game they love while developing important life skills like discipline, camaraderie and leadership. We hope that the Under 17 league will inspire and further develop Bermuda's next generation of cricketers."


With such a large number of youth involved, the BCB is looking to encourage as many people as possible from the public to become involved and attend the games. For more details, the rules and the schedule please visit or contact the BCB on 292 8958.





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