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The Leg Trapper Cricket Club (“Leg Trappers”) was initially formed in 1997. The Leg Trappers started life in the Commercial League, which is essentially a friendly league a level below the two divisions of top-flight cricket in Bermuda. After six highly enjoyable years in the Commercial League and several successful seasons, the members of the Leg Trappers decided they wanted to test themselves further and applied to the Bermuda Cricket Board for entry into the main Bermuda league. The Bermuda Cricket Board approved the application in 2003 and the Leg Trappers joined the First Division thereby becoming the newest club to join the Bermuda League.

Three consecutive mid-table finishes in the one day league, together with victory in the League Cup in 2003 and a first place finish and promotion in the two day league in 2005 has been a respectable start to life in the Bermuda League. In addition in 2005 the Leg Trappers made it to the final of the inaugural 20/20 hosted by Somerset Cricket Club losing to Premier Division champions Southampton Ranges in the final.

The Leg Trappers continue to improve and attract more players, the ultimate aim is for promotion to the Premier Division where the Club can regularly compete against players who will be representing Bermuda in the forthcoming 2007 Cricket World Cup.

The Leg Trappers’ membership, as well as including Bermudian players, now also boasts cricketers from Britain, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Tongaand India.

TheLeg Trapperskeen to start regularly touring overseas and were therefore delighted to be invited back to Sarasota for the annual six-a-side fesitival.The LegTrappers had also attended the festivalin 2004. 2005 was a considerable improvement on the previous tour with the two Leg Trapper teams making it to the semi-finals.

Pace man Marc Wetherhillbowls his stock delivery - an inswinging yorker. Likely result, off and middle stump out of the ground and a dejected batsman returning to the clubhouse.
Gary "the Milkman" Knight wafts at another long hop outside off-stump.
FBU hopeful Kian Wookey learns first hand from the best trio in the business.
Luke "Des" O'Connor and Chris "The Lizard" Fleming, two members of the Big 6, leave the field for a well deserved drinks break half way through the third over. Chris was looking forward to a beverage in his favorite club house.
President & Co-Founder of the Leg Trappers, James Broadbent,shows he is no slouch with the ladies on a well earned night on the town
FBU stalwart James "JK" Kent prepares to shout catch it as he delivers another medium pace half volley.
Luke O'Connor leaves one alonethat pitches wide of leg stump.
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