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BCB National Squad

ICC World Cricket League Division 3

April-May 2013




The Bermuda Cricket Board has named a squad of 32 local players and 11 overseas players in preparation for the ICC World Cricket League Division 3 tournament to be held in Bermuda in April and May 2013.


The first phase of preparation will include three intersquad matches and a mini camp to be held at the National Stadium and/or Sea Breeze Oval on Saturday 22 September, 6 October with the remaining date to be confirmed. Following these games it is expected that the squad size will be reduced. The BCB Executive have approved a selection policy that will be applied consistently. The policy includes criteria related to the following:


  • - Performance
  • - Training and preparation

- Session attendance

- Physical fitness

- Commitment to Bermuda cricket

- Discipline and behavior


The second phase of the preparation includes:


  1. 1. Specialist and team skill sessions, game sense sessions, fitness sessions and mini camps. There will be a combination of indoor and outdoor sessions where weather permits.
  2. 2. Tours which are evenly spaced to allow players to implement the skills and tactical practice learned.


  3. The final phase is a pre-tournament camp planned prior to the competition to complete preparations and give the team every opportunity to perform at their best during the ICC World Cricket League Division 3 tournament.


    The BCB Executive has also approved a Captaincy Criteria. This will be used as an objective tool to make future selections for captain. Criteria for assessment of captain are designed to ensure that the captain is a competent, committed and accountable leader both on and off the field, who demonstrates a high level of tactical and strategic understanding, has the ability to educate players and who demonstrates the highest degree of professionalism.


    National Coach, David Moore stated,


  6. "Now that the teams for ICC World Cricket League have been finalized it is clear that this tournament will be a difficult assignment. Teams like Uganda, Nepal, USA and Oman have challenged us in the past and it is realistic to expect close fought and highly competitive matches as teams fight hard to gain promotion to World Cup Qualifier. There is a comprehensive training program planned to take the squad toward the tournament and if the players are fully committed the team should be perform at their best. The training program, as well as the knowledge and experience in playing in local conditions should hold the team in good stead in the tournament and aid in the goal of promotion."


    All Bermuda based players are expected to attend a meeting at the Labour and Training offices, Ingham and Wilkinson Building, 94 Reid Street, Hamilton (next to Defonte's)on Tuesday 18 September at 6.00pm to be presented with the roles and expectations of the players during the preparation and tournament phases.


Bermuda Based Players


Jason Anderson

Delyone Borden

Derrick Brangman

Seth Campbell

Lionel Cann

Dajon Carey

Fiqre Crockwell

Jordan Desilva

Alex Dore

Allan Douglas Jr.

Chris Douglas

Kamel Easton

Chris Foggo

Kevon Fubler

Jekon Edness

Christion Gibbons Wade

Treadwell Gibbons

Joshua Gilbert

Brian Hall

Kyle Hodsoll

Dennico Hollis

Kwasi James

Malachi Jones

Shaquille Jones

Burton Outerbridge

Stephen Outerbridge

Mishael Paynter

Cofield Robinson

Samuel Robinson

Dion Stovell

Lateef Trott

Rodney Trott

Janeiro Tucker

Kevin Tucker


Overseas Based Players


Onias Bascome

Oronde Bascome

Christian Burgess

David Hemp

Terryn Fray

Stefan Kelly

Kamau Leverock

Tre Manders

Greg Maybury

OJ Pitcher

Delray Rawlins

Regino Smith

Sinclair Smith