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U15 National Team Evening League Announcement


The U15 Squads were split into RED and BLUE squads and will rotate playing matches in the Evening League Division 2. 


Monday May 9th's game will feature the RED squad.




Micah Perozzi

Antonio Darrell

Sheldon Caesar

Joshua Liyanage

Khalif Williams

Delray Rawlins

Cameron Gordon

Kyle Tucker

Detre Bell

Sergio Raynor

Chokote Wainwright-Basden

Yanni Durham




Justin Donawa

Deniko James

Christion Gibbons

Alex Alvera

Alex Dore

Tariq Brown

Jahnoi Bean

Denar Johnson

Khairi Joyiens

Jacobi Butterfield

Joshua Commissiong

Donte Burgess