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BCB Announces Specialist Training Programme


The BCB is pleased to announce the start of a new High Performance Development Programme aimed primarily at some of the younger players on the National squad. This is a pilot programme whereby the Board has contracted several of the younger players to work for the BCB. The players will follow a detailed training programme and will assist with coaching cricket in the schools, in the Youth Leagues and in the BCB Summer Camps.


Rodney Trott and Tamauri Tucker are the first two players to be selected to take part in the programme. Both players have shown a high level of commitment to the game and have impressed the selectors over the past couple of years.


The first stage of the programme will run from April - September, after which, the Board will consider renewing their contracts. The BCB is actively considering offering additional contracts to players as recommended by the National Coach. This programme has been endorsed by the ICC High Performance Manager, Mr. Richard Done who has encouraged the BCB to intensify the training in the run up to the ICC World Cup Qualifiers in March, 2009.


ICC High Performance Manger, Mr. Richard Done stated: "Its good news to see the BCB putting resources into developing players for the future. The success of all the top Associate countries depends on making the most of their available talent as we head into the next ICC Cricket World Cup Qualifier in the UAE in 12 months time. Targeting the best players for more intensive coaching at the same time as providing them with an  opportunity to earn an income by putting back into junior development is a smart way of using BCB resources. Programs like this can only lead to better standards for the Bermuda Team."


The group has an intensive training schedule which includes working in the nets, class room sessions, target bowling, fielding drills, batting drills, playing spin and video sessions. In addition, the players will have daily gym sessions where they will be required to follow a specifically designed fitness programme. The group has been set fitness targets and goals which must be reached and maintained. Psychological testing will be provided and players will be drug tested regularly. They will also be assisting in the schools, helping in the youth leagues and coaching in the cricket camps.


President of the BCB, Mr. Pearman stated, "With the number of countries able to qualify for the World Cup reduced from 6 to 4, the National squad has a tougher task to qualify. This pilot programme will allow some of our younger players to train intensively during the run up to the World Cup Qualifiers in 2009. Additionally, the ICC has continued to increase the number of fixtures that countries in its High Performance Programme are obligated to compete in. The Board recognise the need to move to semi-professionalise our players in order to compete at the highest level. The young lads will give back by providing support to our young players in school, summer clinics and in the youth leagues. I would like to take this time to thank both B&B Construction and Works and Engineering for giving these young men the chance to take part in this new programme."



Minister of the Environment and Sports, the Hon. Elvin James, JP, MP, expressed his support for the BCB's new programme.  Minister James said, "Giving these young men the opportunity to be involved in cricket on a full time basis will be a huge benefit to their development.  Providing them with a chance to give back to the game by being involved in coaching and youth leagues will benefit the game in the long term."


The Minister looks forward to the BCB continuing this innovative programme and making similar opportunities available to other developing players.

Tamauri Tucker










Rodney Trott
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