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The BCB are pleased to announce the MCC Tour Schedule to take place September 23 - October 8, 2011. The schedule will include three 50 overs and five T20 matches.


Date                      Game                                                     Time           Venue
25 Sept                  20 Over match v Bermuda                         1500-1800    NSC


26 Sept                  20 Over match v 2007 World Cup Squad     1800-2100    Somerset CC


28 Sept                  50 Over match v Bermuda                         1030-1800    NSC


1 Oct                      T20 Triangular Competition  
                              MCC v Bermuda 1                                    0930-1230  NSC
                              MCC v Bermuda 2                                    1330-1630  NSC
                              Bda 1 v Bda 2                                          1700-2000  NSC


2 Oct                      50 over match v Bermuda                         1030-1800 Bailey's Bay


4 Oct                      50 over match v Bermuda                         1030-1800 NSC


5 Oct                      T20 match v Bermuda                               1800-2100 NSC


Mr. Reginald Pearman, President stated,


"The Bermuda Cricket Board is excited to welcome the prestigious MCC to Bermuda once again who are known world-wide to be guardians of the laws, safe guardians of the Spirit of the game and pursue promoting cricket especially to young people for the good of the game. We are pleased to announce the Festival Game in which the MCC team will take on Bermuda's World Cup squad on Monday 26 September at Somerset CC.  This is a great opportunity to celebrate the team that took Bermuda to the world stage in the 2007 Cricket World Cup in the West Indies. These players leave a legacy that all young Bermudian cricketers should strive for."


Mr. Pearman concluded, "The MCC has also provided a coaching day in which we plan for them to visit a local school followed by a coaching session with the National Academy teams on Tuesday 27 September."


National Coach, David Moore stated,


"The MCC tour will be a wonderful opportunity for the National squad members to challenge themselves. The MCC squad is a high quality opposition that includes International, First Class and Second XI cricketers that will test our players skills and tactical knowledge. Such opposition can only lead to an improvement of our players and the team as a whole.

With the BCB National squad working toward the ICC T20 Qualifiers in Dubai in 2012 and the World Cricket League Division 3 in 2013 the timing of this tour is very important. This will lead in to our winter training program and may be the only opportunity we get to play against quality opposition before the T20 qualifiers.

This is also an opportunity for our younger players such as Tre Manders, Lateef Trott, Regino Smith and Allan Douglas Junior as well experienced players like Glenn Blakeney to perform against such quality opponents and make the winter squad program and then progress to the final team."


               Squad for Selection

Batsmen                           Spinners
Glenn Blakeney                   Joshua Gilbert
Lionel Cann                        Samuel Robinson
Fiqre Crockwell                   Rodney Trott
Alan Douglas 
Chris Foggo                      Pace bowlers
Terryn Fray (UK)               Damali Bell
David Hemp                      Kamel Easton
Dennico Hollis                    Kyle Hodsoll
Kevin Hurdle                      Malachi Jones
Tre Manders                      Stefan Kelly
Stephen Outerbridge          George O'Brien
Irving Romaine                  Burton Outerbridge
Regino Smith                     Lateef Trott
Dion Stovell 

Jason Anderson 
Christian Burgess 
Dean Minors  


Players are requested to attend training on Monday 19 September, 6pm at the National Sports Centre.