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BBC Announces Match Analysis Course


The BCB are pleased to announce that Mr. Lorenzo Tucker will be running a Match Analysis Training Workshop on Saturday 29, 2008 from 10am-2pm (location TBC) .


In 2005, Mr. Tucker completed the ICC High Performance Development Programme's "Match Analysis Training," conducted by Chennai-based Meru Sports Technology Services. Since then, Mr. Tucker has used his skills to assist the National Team whenever possible.


Mr. Tucker will introduce the match analysis software, Twenty20, SiliconCOACH which is a video analysis tool which helps in assessing and refining a player's techniques and Timewarp, a program that gives immediate feedback during practice or matches.  The workshop aims to show what these systems can do and to assist coaches and interested individuals feel more comfortable using video equipment to improve the game. The technology makes it possible to record everything that happens on the field by interpreting plays into readable data enabling one to better evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of players and the opposition and gives coaches a better opportunity to create a more thorough and comprehensive game plan.


Mr. Lorenzo Tucker stated, "Technology has become an important vehicle in sports to correct flaws and develop technique.  Using this system on all levels will rapidly improve cricket in Bermuda."


National Coach, Gus Logie stated, "This is a great opportunity for coaches and players in Bermuda to learn how technology can improve the game of cricket. To learn how to analyze video footage of a player's technical ability, to be able to instruct them by showing them what they need to improve upon and to be able to have a better understanding on the tactical side of the game is an invaluable tool for coaches."  


All National coaches will be attending and anyone interested in participating are encouraged to contact the BCB on 292 8958, email to register.

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