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Elite Players League Teams Announced


Coach David Moore announced, "The Elite Players League is a wonderful opportunity for all selected players to present themselves for selection for the ICC T20 Regional Tournament to be held in Ft. Lauderdale July 17th - 24th 2011. The Bermuda Cricket Board is looking to develop the EPL tournament to be the equivalent to our 'first class' tournament so that the gap between domestic and international cricket is narrowed."


"All players that been selected in this tournament deserve their opportunity in the All Star games last year as well as their domestic and international performances in 2010-2011. I would like to congratulate them all and wish them all the best for the tournament and future selections."


"The Board and the players are very fortunate to have head coaches such as Herbie Bascome, Andre Manders, Clay Smith and Clevie Wade to guide these players with technical, tactical and cognitive skills to improve their cricket and take them to the next level."


Hunts XI


Stephen Outerbridge (BB) (Capt.)
Sam Robinson (St. David's)
Dennico Hollis (BB)
Fiqre Crockwell (St. David?s)
Shannon Rayner (Rangers)
Derek Brangman (DRC)
Christian Burgess (St.G) (WK)
Dwayne Leverock (Rangers)
Kyle Hodsoll (BB)
Ryan Steede (BB)
Burton Outerbridge (BB)
Glenn Blakeney (CCCC)
McLaren Lowe (WS)
Shaquille Jones (Somerset)

Coach: Clay Smith


Symonds XI


Delyone Borden (St. David's) (Capt.)
Dion Stovell     (Rangers)
Jason Anderson (PHC) (WK)
Stephen Bremar Jr (DRC)
Irving Romaine (BB)
Kevin Hurdle (Flatts)
Jordan DeSilva (Somerset)    (v-capt)
Dean Stephens (DRC)
Brian Hall (WS)
Dennis Musson Jr (Cleveland)
Lateef Trott (BB)
Ramar Simmons (CCCC)
Christopher Kawaley (WC)
Kwasi James (Somerset)

Coach: Clevie Wade


Simmons XI


OJ Pitcher (St. David's) (Capt.)
Regino Smith (Flatts) (WK)
Shea Pitcher (St. David's)
Makai Young (Cleveland)
Ricky Hoyte (Somerset)
Tre Govia (BB)
Joshua Gilbert (Somerset) (v-capt)
Justin Pitcher (St. David's)
Kevon Fubler (WC)
David Bedard (Flatts)
Jim West (BB)
Mackih McGowan (CCCC)
Jaloni Albouy (Rangers)


Coach: Andre Manders


Parfitt XI


Rodney Trott (YMSC) (Capt.)
Chris Foggo (PHC) (WK)(v-capt)
Oronde Bascome (St.G)
Deunte Darrell (WC)
Kamau Leverock (PHC)
Lionel Cann (St. David's)
Tre Manders (WS)
Loren Marshall (St. David's)
David Lovell (BB)
Rudell Pitcher (St.G)
Kevin Tucker (PHC)
James Celestine (St.G)
Joshua Commissiong (WC)
Kamel Easton (Somerset)

Coach: Herbie Bascome

Staphen Dill (Rangers) (work on Saturdays)
Terryn Fray (BB) (University)
Stefan Kelly (St. David's) (school)
Malachi Jones (WC) (injury)
Greg Maybury (School)
Mishael Paynter (St.G) (University)
William White (PHC)(School)

George O'Brien (Willow Cuts) (Injury)