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BCB National Academy Scholarship and UK Boarding School Education Seminar


The BCB recently conducted a UK School Scholarship Seminar for all parents of National Academy players aged between ten and sixteen. Ms Kellie Smith, mother of Jordan Smith, presented and advised the parents on the processes of applying for scholarships for UK boarding schools. In September 2012, Jordan Smith (pictured below), obtained a significant scholarship to attend Bromsgrove School in Birmingham for the next four years. Bromsgrove School has an excellent cricket program. Through the school, Jordan successfully tried-out for Worcestershire County Cricket and is now a member of their U15 squad.


The BCB has a highly successful scholarship program. In the past with the financial support from the Bank of Bermuda Foundation, the BCB secured scholarships for Stephen Outerbridge, Jekon Edness, Stefan Kelly and Gregory Maybury. The BCB assisted in the placements of Jordan Smith at Bromsgrove and Rudi Butterfield at St. Beads Sussex. Both of these students who are National Academy players received near-full scholarships from the schools to attend in September 2012.


Lloyd Fray, President of the BCB stated,


"The BCB recognises the excellent academic and cricketing opportunities for our young National Academy players in the UK. This seminar was the first step in educating the parents of the players on the processes that can assist in garnering an education in the UK. I would like to take this time to thank Kellie for her time and willingness to impart her knowledge. Kellie has been through the complete process from application, exams and cricket trials at the school and has an outstanding understanding of how to secure a placement and scholarship a top boarding school in the UK."


David Moore, National Coach stated,


"From a very early age, Jordan Smith has been a dedicated cricket player and follower. Jordan began the Academy in the U13s working his way into the U19s at only 14 years of age. Jordan is not only a committed player but has regularly volunteered his time during all youth and charitable programs and events. This year he was awarded with a Youth Volunteer of the Year Award from the Centre of Philanthropy. Jordans character, talent and hard work provided him this outstanding opportunity which we hope will inspire other young academy players. It is our aim to provide our players with every opportunity to succeed in life both on and off the field."