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BCB Executive Correct Misleading Article


BCB President, Reginald Pearman and Evening Cricket League organizer, Stephen West utterly condemn the misleading article published in the Royal Gazette on November 10th, 2011. Both men are completely appalled by the content of the article, which was titled "ICC status under threat".


Reg Pearman noted: "The article makes a number of insinuations and claims regarding BCB matters that are patently untrue and very disappointing. Having to read this mischievous and irresponsible nonsense is very frustrating. This article is highly disingenuous and unpatriotic. The Bermuda Cricket Board is investigating all remedies available to it and will pursue them to the fullest extent."


ICC regional and global representatives have both confirmed that they have no concerns related to any membership criteria of the BCB. "If the ICC had concerns with Bermuda's membership status this would be raised with them, and despite some recent BCB changes (which ICC is aware of), we have no concerns at this time. Reporting of teams recorded well exceeds the required 16 and again we are not aware of any concerns that would put them in non compliance. Current staffing is also within criteria for an Associate."

Reginald Pearman continued: "This article is damaging and untrue. It is even more disturbing that this deceptive reporting was done willfully by the reporter. The reporter emailed the Board seeking clarification on this matter and he elected to ignore the response to enable him to write the nonsense that he did. I recognize the unnecessary harm done to the BCB's reputation by this atrocious reporting and I expect full restitution. At the minimum the Royal Gazette should issue a full apology with equal prominence as the original story. In addition, the BCB will lodge a formal complaint with the Media Council and any other remedies available to the BCB will be pursued."


As the Evening Cricket League organizer, Stephen West said; "I am very upset by this method of reporting. I was asked by the reporter if we were members of the BCB to which I replied no. However the Evening Cricket League recognizes the Bermuda Cricket Board as the sole governing body of cricket in Bermuda and has a great working relationship with it. The Board assists our league in ensuring that grounds are available for our fixtures, we collaborate on the eligibility of players, a BCB U15 team plays in our second division and our members receive full access to all the educational courses that the BCB organizes. We are proud of the role that we play in providing cricket opportunities for people in Bermuda and to continue our country's rich tradition of love for our national sport."


"I am totally saddened at how this reporter ambushed me last week and used my comments completely out of context in an abysmal and inexcusable manner to help manufacture this outrageous article. I fully encourage the Bermuda Cricket Board in taking all measures to correct the damage this underhanded piece of so-called reporting has caused."