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BCB Announces 50 Overs Regulation Changes


The BCB are pleased to announce that after an extensive review and consultation process the regulations for the 2011 season have been updated. These changes are expected to create more context and promote more competitive fixtures in addition to rewarding improvements in technical performances in identified weak areas.

National Coach, David Moore said, "It is important that the domestic structure better prepares our cricketers for the international games which are becoming more and more competitive. The Board has agreed to a new bonus point structure that will highlight the need for us to progress in certain aspects of the game. These include:



Coach Moore stated, "The purpose of the new bonus point structure is to identify and reward performance areas that have been lacking in recent Bermuda cricket teams (National and Under 19 teams) performance at International level. As the Cricket committee felt that the performance in the domestic tournaments reflected performance at the international level it was decided that batting partnerships of 100 runs, the ability to bat for the full 50 overs and setting targets of 250 plus were areas that bonus points should be allocated. In the discipline of bowling it was decided to utilize the bonus point system to encourage aggressive bowling to dismiss teams within 30 or 50 overs, to encourage skilful fielding through rewarding the successful execution of run outs and the decrease in bowling wides and no-balls."


1st Vice President, Allen Richardson stated, "Regarding promotion and relegation the clubs have agreed to the proposal to move to a 6 team Premier Division. As the Board wished to provide adequate notice for this change this year the Premier League will continue as 8 teams but at the end of this season, 3 teams will go down whilst 1 team will be promoted from the First Division. This, in itself provides plenty of additional excitement around the battle to stay up, in addition to the race to win the league and the top 4 qualifying for the 2012 BELCO Cup."


"In future years, the Board will introduce a play-off system between its divisions. There will be automatic one up one down for the bottom team in the Premier and the top team in the First Division but the other promotion/relegation places will be determined by an end of season playoff system. The final details of the playoffs will be announced later."


"The Board has also introduced provisions to deal with clubs that are in financial arrears and who have not taken all agreed steps to resolve the matter. Any club in arrears at May 31 will automatically be assessed a 10 point penalty per game until the issue is rectified. The Board has also introduced a measure to combat slow over rates, this will be levied on teams fielding first or second on an equal basis. The rules now provide for a 6 run per over penalty to be applied to any side going over the scheduled time for their overs. The umpires will obviously have some discretion to accommodate injuries and lost balls etc. but it is important that this aspect of our domestic cricket improves."

Mr. Richardson concluded, "I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people that contributed to these updated regulations - especially Coach Moore, the committee members, the clubs that provided feedback and the members of the BCUA."


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