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2011 BCB Summer Cricket Clinic


$100 a week, 9am-3pm at Berkeley Institute


The BCB is pleased to announce that the 2011 BCB Summer Cricket Clinic is going to take place July 4 through August 5 at Berkeley Institute Gym and Nets.


The Summer Cricket Clinic gives enthusiastic young cricketers the opportunity to learn and improve upon the basics of bowling, catching and batting with an emphasis on participation, team spirit and fun! At the end of each week the participants play each other in a game usually at one of the local clubs close by. We also organize regular games against other camps and junior Cup Match teams.


The program is designed and monitored by National Coach David Moore and run by Level I and II qualified coaches who include senior team players, national coaches and youth league coaches.


The clinic dates are as follows:


WEEK 1 July 4 - July 8
WEEK 2 July 11  - July 15
WEEK 3 July18 - July 22
WEEK 4 July 25 - July 27 (3 days)
WEEK 5 Aug 1 - Aug 5


The BCB Summer Clinic Program runs Monday through Friday 9am-3pm at Berkeley Institute Gym and cricket nets. The camp is for 7-13 year old girls and boys and costs $100 a week. 


Please click for a REGISTRATION FORM.